CoreLogo – logo and graphic design


CoreLogo provides top industry standard graphic design.  We ensure all our clients enjoy one to one personal communication with our team.  Each and every design we produce will only be finalized once the customer agrees to that standard of work.  Its in both our interests to produce the best work possible, that’s why CoreLogo will work with you and your company until both parties are happy with the final result.

Our designers have extensive experience using industry leading graphic design packages, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

We decided after producing work for several design companies that moving to setup our own online design company up was the way forward, and so CoreLogo was born.  Given the super free market nature of the Internet, we as a unit believe we can enter this space and provide graphical solutions to each and every customer we work with.  CoreLogo will meet your needs.

How Our Service Works

You contact CoreLogo with the details of the graphical problem you are facing!

1) We work to produce a first draft using any or all source materials you may provide.

2) The first draft hits the spot!  We send you all file types you need to get the logo/banner up and running on your website (that’s if you asked us for a logo/banner, remember we can produce almost anything just use the contact page).

3) The first draft almost gets it right, but your not happy yet.

4) We then update the design to further meet your needs, until your happy with the outcome.  Remember we offer unlimited design revisions until you finalise the design.

5) Once you are finally happy, the design is finalised and all relevent file types are produced.

6) We offer a download link to the folder containing your designs from our secure server.

7) The download link is removed once you have the work.  But don’t worry we keep the work on permanent record so you can always request additional copies in the future!

Finally all rights for the work are given to you.  You own the work, CoreLogo simply produced it.